Welcome to our site! Warm Hugs from YCC!

 Have you been hacked? Have you been Scammed? Leave us the details and we will warn others, watch them, or Report to Zynga.

Please go to our tab, Contacts, and leave your information and we will email you Name and Info to a certain degree of Scammers and Hackers.

Current Events:

Grand Re-Opening Party on Yoville Friday @ 8PM Eastern America Standard Time! Check our Facebook page for the event with Details!

 Help Keep Yoville Scammer & Hacker free! Provide the details and we will help you! We know what it feels like to be a victim. Im sure you felt Scared, Worried, Angry, and Confused all at the same time. It sucks right? We can only help on Facebook on not Myspace however but on on Yoville we can help either. We will provide Scam or Hacks to keep you from being scammed or hacked. Go like us on Facebook and feel the love!

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